The quest for Canele – Batch No 5

This batch had a different flavor. The big change in flavor was due to adding Kahlua in lieu of Grand Marnier. In prior recipes I used Grand Marnier, and Rum. This time I used Rum and Kahlua. This is my best tasting batch so far. Here is the recipe.

By using less milk (liquid) the problem of the hole in the bottom of the Canele went away. The bottoms of this batch were flat. (see photo below) In prior posts I attributed the hole to excessive bees wax. I’m still not sure what would happen if I used excessive wax and less liquid. I do no that using too much wax will cause it to pool while baking.

I had two problems with this batch. One they raised out of the molds, and two because they raised out of the molds the bottom edges got burnt. You can see that in this photo. I guess a third problem was a large air pocket that was trapped in the top (bottom while cooking) I believe egg whites cause excessive rising. I will not be using the whites in future recipes.

Can you tell which in the above photo had large air pockets? … There are two in this photo that do, the front right and back left.

Above is the air pocket. The one on the left in the back has the air pocket and the one on the right does not.

I absoutely hate when they rise out of the molds. I don’t like taking them in and out of the oven. Currently I am trying to find a technique that does not cause rising. One thing to note; I did talk to a French bakery. They told me they take them out and “knock” the molds. The woman said she can tell which chef is baking by the sound it makes when they knock them. So, maybe it’s not possible to make them without rising, but I am going to try. I had to take this batch out several times to get them to settle back into the mold.

Here is the recipe I’m using

This post is part of a 7 part series on Canele

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