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iTunes deleted all of my apps when I didn’t authenticate


Recently I purchased a new Mac laptop. I moved my iTunes data from the old laptop to the new one. The first time I tried to sync my iPhone 6 it said I had to have encrypted backups. I have no idea why. I didn’t have that setting checked. However, that isn’t the main problem. When I first synced it asked me to authenticate with iTunes. When I declined it popped up a few more times and I declined repeatedly. Finally it started to sync. I was watching my phone and I noticed that my app icons started to disappear. At first I thought maybe this was normal, but after a few moments I realized this was a disaster. I pulled the cable out of my phone, but by this time the damage was done. I was left with 23 apps out of a previous 99.

I thought about the options, and decided rather then to sync with my old computer. This would not have brought back the data anyway. I decide to sync again with the new laptop. This time I authenticated. I noticed right away that it put all of my apps back onto my phone, even creating the correct folder structure. Problem was, all the the data in the apps that were deleted was GONE. I spend over 3 hours re-configuring my apps. I lost a lot of data. Including two games I had been playing for over 6 months. Along with all of my progress. I had backed up my phone not too long before with dropbox and other online services. So, extremely critical data was recovered, but not all.

I’m really pissed this happened. My wife kept asking why this would happen. I speculated that because I didn’t authenticate iTunes Apple thought me a pirate and therefore assumed I didn’t have ownership to my own apps. This is my best guess. My wife said she feels she is no longer in control of what happens with her iPhone when syncing.

iTunes didn’t even provide a warning before wiping out my apps. I don’t remember seeing a message that said, if you don’t authenticate, all of the apps from your phone will be deleted. That would have given me a chance and I would have clicked an enthusiastic NO.

I really like my Apple products, but I don’t know how this could happen.

As an aside, I’ve noticed when setting up iPhones and Apple computers more and more is dictating how your data is stored without giving the user a choice. It’s forces iCloud on the user, and it’s not easy to find the settings to turn all of it off. I know Apple wants to integrate services, but it’s doing it with a heavy hand. Unless the user is savvy they will not even know what’s going on. I’m an expert and I still wonder sometimes. I turned off a lot of iCloud services after they were defaulted to on, on my new Macbook.

As far as insisting to encrypt my backups, I’m lost. I have no idea why now it’s doing this. iTunes provides no reason, and no other option to move forward. I like encryption, but on my terms, not Apples.

itunes encrypted backup
Maybe it forces encryption because of health data. The option to uncheck is greyed out.

I would like to see Apple explain what it’s doing and why, and give users the chance to decide for themselves.

The quest for Canele – Batch No 6

Things are getting better. Using less liquid provided a flat bottom once again and I removed the egg whites in this recipe. Here is the recipe

Canele Recipe (makes 6.5 Canele)

7/8 cup whole milk
1.5 tbp unsalted good quality butter
1.5 – 2 tsp vanilla
3/4 cup cane sugar
.5 tsp sea salt
2 large egg yolks (or you can use 2 whole eggs)
(if you use the whole egg it will be lighter/less dense)
1/3 cup flour + 1 tsp + 1tbs  (95ml)
2 – 2.6 tbs Kahula (yes, this is the secret to my Canele)

Add milk and butter in saucepan
Scald milk, bring to 180-185 degrees (183 degrees)
Add the sugar to the milk & butter mixture and dissolve

Put 2 egg yolks in a small bowl and scramble a little bit
pour over milk mixture slowly to temper eggs

In a bowl combine sugar, salt, & flour
Pour egg mixture over dry ingredients
Blend together in a blender or try to mix out all lumps
(some strain the mixture, this can help, but I don’t usually do this)
Add vanilla & Kahula

Refrigerate for 48 hours
Coat  molds with beeswax and butter mixture


Fill molds to about .5″ below the top
Use lower middle oven rack
preheat oven and dish to 475 then lower to 450 and bake 15-20 min
lower oven to 375 bake 40-45 min (look for the rich deep brown color)

Testing baking in a Le Creuset (I don’t recommend this)

My wife is a great cook and has good taste in cookware. She recently bought a Le Creuset dutch oven. We talked about it and thought would be a good idea to bake the Canele in the dutch oven. These are heavy cast iron pots. The retain heat really well. We figured because of this the cooking temperature would be more consistent. This turned out to be a bit scary I’ll go over the details below.


I preheated oven along with the Dutch oven. Then I placed the molds inside this screaming hot pot with high sides. Just getting close, I could feel the heat radiating from the pot. I couldn’t use tongs to place the molds inside because the silicone with soft sizes and liquid batter would be crushed. I couldn’t use gloves because with them on I didn’t have much dexterity. I had to put them in with my bare hands. I thought several times I was going to burn my arm on the high sides. This was terrifying and I would strongly recommend against it unless you are armor plated. Next time I’ll use my wife’s Le Creset braiser. It has much lower sides.

This batch came out really well, however they didn’t have a very dark crust. The flavor and texture was excellent. One nice thing about cooking in a pot was the ease of taking them in and out of the oven. I could easily grab the handles and take the entire batch out. My new cotton oven gloves were just barely up to the task. I could feel the heat of the 450 degree pot as I lifted it. I know that I couldn’t have held it too long with out temperature rated gloves.

The damn things raised way out of the molds again. Higher then I’ve ever seen them. Here is a photo, it doesn’t show it, but they raised up two or three times higher then the one on the right.


I took this batch out several times to tap and shake them back into their molds. My wife was very enthusiastic about this and helped by using tongs and shaking them side to side. The funny thing was the pot was so hot that they kept rising even after taking them out of the oven. I placed the pot on top of a cutting board and could smell the remnants of the pot cooking onion bits left on the board.


One thing I don’t like about the rising effect the exposure to the oven heat over bakes and burns the edges. For some reason even thought they rose significantly out of the molds somehow the pot protected the edges from burning. There were air pockets in some of them, others were more consistent.

This post is part of a 7 part series on Canele

The quest for Canele – Batch No 5

This batch had a different flavor. The big change in flavor was due to adding Kahlua in lieu of Grand Marnier. In prior recipes I used Grand Marnier, and Rum. This time I used Rum and Kahlua. This is my best tasting batch so far. Here is the recipe.

By using less milk (liquid) the problem of the hole in the bottom of the Canele went away. The bottoms of this batch were flat. (see photo below) In prior posts I attributed the hole to excessive bees wax. I’m still not sure what would happen if I used excessive wax and less liquid. I do no that using too much wax will cause it to pool while baking.

I had two problems with this batch. One they raised out of the molds, and two because they raised out of the molds the bottom edges got burnt. You can see that in this photo. I guess a third problem was a large air pocket that was trapped in the top (bottom while cooking) I believe egg whites cause excessive rising. I will not be using the whites in future recipes.

Can you tell which in the above photo had large air pockets? … There are two in this photo that do, the front right and back left.

Above is the air pocket. The one on the left in the back has the air pocket and the one on the right does not.

I absoutely hate when they rise out of the molds. I don’t like taking them in and out of the oven. Currently I am trying to find a technique that does not cause rising. One thing to note; I did talk to a French bakery. They told me they take them out and “knock” the molds. The woman said she can tell which chef is baking by the sound it makes when they knock them. So, maybe it’s not possible to make them without rising, but I am going to try. I had to take this batch out several times to get them to settle back into the mold.

Here is the recipe I’m using

This post is part of a 7 part series on Canele