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Looking for a good app to store passwords on your iphone?

I was.. and looked into several apps, here’s the roundup;

Private Info
My Eyes Only
Data Vault Password Manager

I wanted to find an app that had not just itunes backup capabilities, but a way to backup data to the desktop. Some of the apps offered free Computer software, for others it was a separate purchase. I think the coolest were the apps that have a built in web server, and didn’t need a computer counterpart software in order to get a backup. Also a way to export data as a .csv file.

Private info:
This is a really cool app, not only does it store usernames and passwords but, it stores photos and videos. This seems like the most fun app to use. The color scheme is black, it may be a little hard on the eyes.

My Eyes Only:
Interesting app, with good reviews. It saves each entry as the visual item that it is. For example if you have a checking account; that entry will look like a check, or for a credit card it will look like credit card. Neat idea, but for me I find it too visually distracting. I just want to see my data. It doesn’t need to look like the card it’s printed on.

Data Vault Password Manager:
Another app with good reviews. This app puts a very washed out image as the background behind the entries. I find this visually distracting and simply because of this would not select the app. It also has a confusing looking folder structure, sort of a, outline format to it.

I almost purchased this app, it’s very clean, well laid out and easy to use. Problem for me was that the structure of the “notes” was bad, and editing a note was confusing and it wouldn’t save the edit without going through a slight dance.

In my opinion a great app at a reasonable price. I’m still trying to find a reason not to get this app. What I’m not sure about is the way it displays the list of records. It gives you a little snapshot of each record. Maybe the developer is thinking this could save time. I think in some cases this would be useful, but mostly I think it will be hard to spot records while scrolling.

A great app with a really bad name.. If you look up the app in the app store you will get some racy stuff. Don’t let that stop you. Strip stands for “Secure Tool for Recalling Important Passwords”. This is the app I think I’ll purchase. Clean design, very easy to navigate, easily make folders for records. Great notes section with full screen view and easy editing. They also offer a free desktop application to backup data. .csv data export is also supported.