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  1. Hey there!

    My name is David Weinstock and I wanted to say that I love your video about the Thinket, along with your suggested silencing mods!

    I’ve been engaged in similar modification tests using a variety of both applied and machined components, but I’ve not yet decided which of many different avenues I will pursue towards a “silent-solution.”

    However, as an interim mod for this silencing idea, your painter’s tape solution is something that folks may like to try, if they seen a super silent version of my device.

    I’m wondering whether you would be amenable to letting me share your video-review with your how-to comments (on either or both) my Thinket Facebook page and my project Updates for “The Thinket Now” Kickstarter project that is currently in full swing until June 28th, 2018, when the funding period closes.

    Please let me know at your earliest convenience, because I’d love to share your thoughts with all of my Backers, supporters, and customers.

    BTW, Iooked all over your page for the name of a person to thank, but I couldn’t find your name anywhere.

    Thank you again, and Ciao for Now!


    — David Weinstock, (The Thinket creator) …. [:-)}

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