Monthly Archives: May 2008

MAC vs PC commercial idea

Ok, I have a great idea for one of those MAC vs PC commercials. Vista has this new security feature called UAC, user account control. It’s basically a nag screen that comes up if you try to do anything administrative. It’s not smart or secure for that matter like the system in place on all Mac’s. What happens is, if you go into the control panel and try to change your screensaver or wall paper for example suddenly your whole screen will turn black. A message then pops up asking if you are sure you want to do this. Personally, I think this type of security is an after thought to an inherently insecure operating system. But what do I know, I just fix PC’s all day that are terminally infected with some virus or spyware. Anyway, to the commercial, Vista comes into the room and MAC asks it a question. The lights dim suddenly and a security officer appears in the room. The officer tell Mac not to talk to Vista and turns to PC and asks if it’s OK for him to respond. PC agrees, and conversation continues for another second or two before Mac asks what just happened? Again the lights dim and the process starts again. This, I think will illustrate in real world way how ineffective and disruptive the UAC control has become. Steve, if you decide use the idea write me, I’ve wanted to talk to you since I switched to Mac. My payment will be the happiness that this commercial brings me.