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Snow Peak Hozuki LED Lantern review (full size)

I added (full size) because there is a mini size of this light. Here is a link to the website for this “full size” lantern.


Batteries: (3) AA
SKU: ES-070(WH, GR, BR)
Runtime: High 8 hrs / Mid 20 hrs / Low 80 hrs
Price: $100 USD
Modes: Normal Mode with Dimming, Candle Mode, *Sleep Mode
*light does not shut off in sleep mode (we’ll call it nap mode)

This is upside down resting on the hook


Details photo


My wife bought me the original version of this light years ago for my birthday. It was orange and white, and had two modes, standard and candle.

The length of the string is adjustable, and you can set it easily. The hook acts like a stand or cradle. Turn it upside down and rest the light on the hook to use it on a table. Snow Peak also makes a rechargeable battery pack (I think) for around $40. There is a USB plug in the body to recharge the battery pack. That’s a bit much for me. I use rechargeable eneloops.

The frosted circular part is made out of silicone. It’s firm enough for the light to stand on, but it’s also soft, squishable and just plain cool.

Light Modes

Normal mode: Clicking the button will turn the light on. Pressing and holding the button after its on will dim it to the desired level.

Sleep mode: Hold the button until the light flashes slowly and let go. Press and hold the button to dim. In this mode it will slowly dim as sound in the room decreases.  This works okay, but this light is like my grandfather, hard of hearing so, it will dim down pretty quickly.

Candle mode: Hold the button down for a bit until the light flashes quickly then release. Press and hold the button to dim the light. In this mode the light will react to sound and wind. This will cause the light to flicker like a candle. This light needs hearing aids though, because it needs a lot of sound or wind to make it flicker.


Difference between versions

Compared to the old version, the new version has three modes including candle feature, but it doesn’t flicker on it’s own like in the original version. It only flickers if there is wind or noise. With the newer version it takes a lot of noise to make the lantern flicker or go out. To make this one flicker you would need a loud discussion, the light sitting on a speaker, or a wind storm. I don’t have it anymore, but I preferred the older models candle mode. I’m looking to buy the older version that was produced around 2014.

Modifications and anatomy

I was curious, so I took this guy apart. I wanted to see if I could make it more sensitive to sound. Let’s look inside.


I point out Volume 1 and Volume 2 as if I know what they do. I have no idea. I’m not even sure they are volume. They rotate and I adjusted both, but didn’t see any difference. My theory is that one adjusts the sleep mode sensitivity and the other adjusts the candle mode sensitivity. I put them back to the original positions. I did however find the microphone. When the light is apart it’s very sensitive to sound. A polite conversation will make the light flicker and blowing on it will make the light go out. So, with some adjustments you can essentially have a lantern that will flicker with light sounds and can turn off by blowing on it.

I modified the casing to make it more sensitive to sound. The speaker sits behind clear plastic that has a hole adjacent to the microphone. The hole goes part of the way through, but not all the way through the plastic. I figured drilling the hole out all the way would do the trick. I know it won’t be waterproof or water resistant any longer, but I don’t go camping or use it on rainy days.


The hole on the front is already there and goes part of the way through, so I drilled it through the rest of the way. I guess I could have just drilled it thought more, but not all the way to keep it sealed. But, hindsight…


After putting it back together it still works. It reacts quite a lot to sound, and I can blow it out. I suppose I could always add some clear epoxy if I wanted to seal it up again. Or I could put some sort of material behind it to block the sound in order to adjust the sensitivity or even make it waterproof using a thin membrane of some sort.

Impressions and thoughts

I think this light is very well made and incredibly charming. I really like the uncommon shape. If I were to make any design changes, I would have a 4th mode that acts like a candle without needing to be activated by sound, but would also have sound sensitivity as a bonus, just like the original version.