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Red Rock Gear Rover Sling Pack ( review and alteration)

Recently I found one of the best designed packs. The bag below is made by Red Rock, Here is the Amazon link. It’s extremely well built has a ton of pockets and webbing inside of the pockets. The webbing is nice because you can secure each item inside the bag. The benefit is that you know exactly where your stuff is and it won’t shift around as you move. This makes finding things extremely easy.

There is only one problem with this bag. It’s not comfortable to wear. They designed a flair at the end of the strap that cuts into my neck. The ONLY way to wear this bag without it cutting into my neck is to were it extremely tight so the flared area sits on your chest. There are several problems with this, it’s hard to get on and off, and it’s not comfortable when wearing a jacket, and it’s not comfortable in general when worn that tight.

I wanted to get the bag altered, so I spoke to a seamstress and a shoe repair shop to see if they could remove the flared area of the strap. Neither wanted to touch it. The seamstress did comment that it was a shame because the material was nice and it was stitched so well.

I bought thread a thing to protect my finger, a stitch remover and a few needles. I also needed a pliers occasionally to push and pull the needle. Here’s the process below.

This is the before photo

Pulled out the stitching, exposed the foam inside and marked the line I wanted to cut

Cut the foam to size

Sewed the front and back material around the foam

Stitched the edging back on. I was able to restitch the edging without cutting it. Finished.