Windows Mojave, I’d spot it in a heartbeat

There is this now, a not so new commercial that lures people in and tricks them into thinking Microsoft has created a new operating system called Mojave. I watched this and thought to myself, “that’s what they have to do to get people to like Vista?”  Trick them into thinking it’s a new and better operating system?   As a support professional, I have considered dropping support for clients on Vista systems, I make more money since they are much slower then XP, everything takes twice as long. I know I would loose money, but I just can’t stand the aggravation that Vista causes. But, I digress, I think the commercial is a cheap trick, and if instead you had put a technical person in that seat, told them to test drive the new Mojave OS, they would have cried “This is Vista!”  The thing is, if you show someone that is unfamiliar with Vista OS most would think it’s nice, simply because it’s “pretty”.  Rather than pretty what I think was created, is visually distracting garbage. Icons, menus, windows are all designed to look nice but no thought was put into how intuitive, functional or clear it all is.  If anyone one of those people that were tricked to liking Vista had to use it in the real world, they would soon be calling me to support their, slow, confusing, incompatible, virus ridden computer.  If your wondering why Vista hasn’t taken, it’s because the people that matter have already used it and like me, highly recommend against it.