Mac OS Leopard bootcamp and disk error

Just today I decided to install Windows XP on my Macbook Pro all aluminum 15″ notebook using bootcamp.  I setup the partition to be 10gb in size inserted the windows CD and rebooted.  I am skipping some steps here but this is just an outline.  The notebook restarts and loads from the windows CD.  When it got to the point where it asks for the partition to install windows, I selected the bootcamp partition, but my mistake was I didn’t format the partition.  It was already marked as fat32, so I figured it was not necessary.  If you don’t format the partition during install when the computer reboots it will boot up to an error.

Disk error
Press any key to restart

A note on formatting, if you format as fat32, Mac OS can read and write files to Windows.  If you format as NTFS you will only be able to read files.   There is software that can be install on Mac to write to NTFS file systems.  It’s called macfuse (opens a new window).  I had to boot back into OS X, restart the bootcamp, delete the partition and start over.  If you get the CD stuck in the notebook hold the eject while booting.  If it keeps booting to the above error, hold down the option key while booting.  That boots to an OS selector screen when you can choose Mac and start over.  Good luck and happy computing.

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