iphone lock screen wallpaper stuck (won’t change)

I had a custom wallpaper set on my phone that I couldn’t get to change.   The image was used from a pictures folder I had sync’ed with my computer.  I tried to change the lock screen background many times with no success.  I tried stock photos that came with the phone, photos from my pictures and the folder I had sync’ed with no success.

The fix:

Ok, I’m and idiot; the reason I couldn’t get the image to change was because when the phone is charging, wallpaper is not displayed.  Soooo, unplug your phone..

33 thoughts on “iphone lock screen wallpaper stuck (won’t change)

  1. haha you stated that you felt stupid but i just did this and know i feel stupid anyway this post saved me worrying for another half an hour before i got of the computer. your worrying did not go to waste.

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only idjit (southern for idiot in case you was wonderin’) Damn that educashon just dint take.

  3. Oohhh wow your comment just helped me I spent the past half hour trying to figure this out thank you youre not the only one.

  4. Just spend 30 minutes googling around trying to figure out why i cant change lock screen wallpaper on my chargin iphone. You helped a lot =))

  5. Wish i’d seen this before calling my boyfriend, brother-in-law and best mate. None of whom could offer a fix. Lol….

    Just glad I hadn’t lost my lock screen picture after all!

  6. My 4s I phone has some Aqua Flowing picture on it that I never seen before and I cannot change it. It is not charging. No matter what I do to change it, I cannot, so I went into the app store to see if I could find a virus app, and I cannot download apps because it says my credit info is not good. I do not need credit info for a free app. I am goin nutsy here!!

  7. Hahahaha glad to see that I am not the only one that this happened too. I was so upset thinking my phone had a glitch.

  8. I have this same problem and it still is not working it was not charging and it still won’t change I try turning in on and off I have an iPhone 4 someone help please.

    1. If it’s not charging and you still can’t get the wallpaper to change that’s strange. I would kill all your apps than reboot your phone. If you are still having trouble you could, if there is an Apple store close by, have them help you. Hope that helps Ally

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