Can’t access my internal website using a d-link router

Recently I replaced an old Linksys with a dlink dir-655 router.  This thing is pretty nice, It uses an open source version of Linux, and has not two, but three antennas.  Still, even with all those antennas I couldn’t access my internal website.  All the rules were entered into the router; port forwarding 8000 etc, but no good.  The site was accessible from the outside, but not internally.  Comcast blocks port 80, so I have a machine setup at another location to redirect port 80 to port 8000 at this IP.  A smart friend of mine said it was a bug in the NAT, but I still don’t know.  I called dlink 3 times and ended up getting a tier 2 tech, we tried a few changes; lowering the MTU to 1495, and turning off SPI, (statefull packed inspection), nope still not good.  Lastly, she wanted to flash the firmware to the same and newest version, that I’m already running, I asked why she though that would work, and got disconnected.  She called back 2 times and got disconnected again and again.  Finally, I broke down and added rules to my hosts file, in a mac its; /private/etc/hosts, and in Windows, it’s c:windowssystem32driversetchosts.  I added


Waalaa, a hack that works for only the computer your sitting at, rinse and repeat for all other internal computers.

Note: It’s a pain to edit the hosts file in Vista, and Windows 7, you have to run notepad as the administrator first, then open the host file.

Update :: Fix :: Solved

If you add the ports to “Virtual Server” instead of “Port Forwarding” it works without having to edit your hosts file.

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