Unable to add attachment in Gmail using Firefox



You try to add an attachment to Gmail and you get attachment failed in red letters. The reason seems to be with a setting in Firefox.

To correct this issue, open Firefox and in the address bar type:


Press enter or return on the keyboard. You’ll then have to agree to void your warranty and be careful.

In the search area type:




Double click the Network.http.spdy.enabled so that the value becomes false

Close and restart Firefox


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5 thoughts on “Unable to add attachment in Gmail using Firefox

  1. Thank you very much.
    I was really getting frustrated with this problem since a week or so.
    The solution appears to be simple but is not until I got this expert advise.
    God bless the person or team that found the solution to this issue.
    It was really troubling my work.

  2. Great! Worked fine for Firefox. Many thanks.

    I have the same problem on Chrome, so I tried to apply the same method, but after asking for “about:config”, I got a “This webpage is not available” message, maybe because “It may have been moved permanently to another address”.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks again for fixing firefox !!!


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