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I spent more hours that I would like to admit trying to figure this one out. I’ll post and maybe save someone the trouble. I was trying to create columns in wordpress that when viewed on an iphone would stack on top of each other. I performed many google searches on the matter and found lots of information. I think I’ve found the simplest solution to this issue. Some of the searches I performed were:

two columns in wordpress stack on mobile
wordpress create columns that stack on iphone
wordpress two columns to one on smaller screens
wordpress columns convert to stacked on mobile

I read about @media queries and “div class” and “div id”. They all worked, but when viewing the site on a mobile device the text was cramped and still in columns. I wanted a solution without having to learn to code CSS.


Easy Columns <– it’s a plugin for WordPress. I installed it and creating columns becomes really easy. For example if you wanted a one third column on the left and two thirds on the right you would type

text or image you want in the left column

text or image you want in the right column

It’s that easy, I think the plugin has built in @media calls to reshape the layout based on screen size. It’s been working great for I set my images on the left and the text on the right. In mobile it stacks and is easy to read.

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