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Portrait sculpting progression

This is the story of my portrait sculpting progression from when I started in December 12, 2017 until May of 2019

This is the first piece I sculpted. Looking at it now, I got a lot right. In future pieces some of the proportions got worse.

This is Chavant Le BauTouche clay, it’s very sticky and hard to work with. I ignored necks for so long. I think the neck is too thin on this one.

These pieces lack a brow and the eyes are too big.

Photographs show mistakes. Whenever I’m not sure what’s wrong with a piece I’ll take a photo and it will reveal my mistakes. I think the head isn’t big enough for the features,  it needs more brow and the body is too small. This is Roma plastilina clay, it’s most like water based clay, but it does smell like sulfur.

When I did this piece I felt like I had a breakthrough. I made the depths of the nose deeper and brought the lips out and added an expression. This is NSP medium clay.

This is wood. I modeled an eye after a piece by Sculpture Geek. I was trying to learn the rules of making eyes.

I took a sculpting class and this is water based clay. We made several pieces very fast.

More work from the class, and older man and the other one where the teacher told me to not smooth so much, and to only used a large wooden spatula tool.

We practiced making different ethnicities. Here I attempted to make the piece look african american. I use a tool to push the lower part of the face out, and that’s why you can see a hole.

Here is what one that I think was supposed to be asian. Looking at it now, it looks like a young girl.

At one point we had a model sit for us. This was a lot easier since there was reference in front of us.

This is the final piece. The teacher made the right eye, I made the left. He also helped me sculpt the top of the hair. The student teacher Chris helped me find some of the planes of the face. I think finding the planes of the face is extremely helpful.

Here is the sculpt with the model

After class I took some clay home and played around with it. I found it extremely helpful to sculpt a piece with the eyes closed since eyes are so hard to get right.

This is super sculpey. I wanted to make a piece and exaggerate the facial features as practice. The zygomatic arch and brow.  Sculpey isn’t great to work with compared to water based clay and Roma plastelina. However it can be baked in a regular oven.

When I asked my teacher about this he asked what age was this person. This question opened my eyes to considering the age of the person I’m making.

This was the starting point for the next piece. I think it has changed so much.

Here is the finished piece. I neglected the neck, and I think the eyes are also too big.

Here I just wanted to see if I could sculpt a likeness of Obama.