How to unbrick Linksys WRT54G

Bricked your Linksys WRT54G ?
I did, and it sucked. I found little documentation on how to fix it that worked. My router is a wrt54g v2.0

Two alligator clips with a wire in between them. Dental tool

Note: I would only follow this procedure if your router does not respond to pings

First read and understand this:

I used a pointed dental tool, hooked an alligator clip to it and connected the other end of the alligator clip to the antenna or “ground”. Before powering on the device I held the dental pick on pin 15 of the bios chip, then plugged in the power. I am pretty sure it was pin 15 but if it doesn’t work you can try pin 16. Sorry about this but the pins are like 2 hair widths apart and I had a hard time seeing. Wait for your pings. Once it starts responding to pings remove your tools.

Did it work?
I hope so, here is a link to tftp software. Download the Linksys firmware and tftp the firmware into the router. Give it some time after the upload finishes successfully, so wait, wait, wait then reboot.

I am not responsible if you destroy your router or electrocute yourself.

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