Mountain Dew Ice

I don’t usually review soft drinks. Most of them have too much sugar and I simply don’t like drinking them. This one caught my eye. I don’t dislike the classic Mountain Dew. I use it as a tool, it’s got a ton of sugar and caffeine. I’ll drink one if I need the immediate sugar and energy. In fact a Mountain Dew saved my life once. I was on a 40 mile bike ride and was starting to bonk. I was feeling desperate, exhausted and horrible at about mile 35. I stumbled into a convenience store hoping to find something to help myself. I felt like Indiana Jones, I knew I had to choose wisely. I didn’t know whether to choose food or a drink. I choose a Mountain Dew. Almost instantly I felt better. So good in fact that I led my group of riders home.

Anyway, this is not bad as far as soft drinks go. I would choose it over the classic simply because it has less sugar. The taste is good. It’s lemon lime, similar to a 7up or Sprite type drink. It scores 3.5, but compared to other soft drinks it gets a 4.0 if I’m grading on a curve. To give you an idea of how slowly I consume this type of drink. I’ve been drinking the same bottle now for 5 days. Also, since everything I like gets canceled or discontinued, I’m positive Mountain Dew Ice won’t catch on.

Sweetener: Sugar, 41grams (20 oz bottle)