Why review water?

Because I can tell the difference. The best tasting water I’ve ever had was in Vail Colorado, and it was tap water. For months I thought the water in Vail tasted terrible, and I hated drinking it. One day I accidentally left an opened bottle of water in the refrigerator overnight. The next day it tasted amazing. I think the chlorine and/or other chemicals evaporated. It’s not easy to describe how water tastes in general. Maybe it isn’t even a flavor, maybe its minerals interacting with my biology. The taste comes at the end or finish of a sip, it was crisp and weirdly almost dry tasting.

Evian Natural spring water from the French Alps

Picked this up at a Rite Aid. It was ice cold, great!, but the taste.. the taste… Sooo bad. I’ve been trying to think for days how to describe the taste of this water. The only thing I can think of is “flat”. It’s not a carbonated drink, but it has no flavor. I know water in general doesn’t have flavor, but some does “taste” better then others. I don’t know what gives water the taste, maybe a combination of the pH and minerals, but it’s very hard to describe, as well as review. I thought Dasani was the worst, but I think now it’s Evian. Sorry Evian.


Aquafina Water

Mostly I had been drinking Nestle Pure Life water. However, while I was in Florida I tried and liked Aquafina water. They are both very good, I don’t know if you call it flavor, because there is no flavor to these waters. But, it has good taste or feel when I drink it. I think I’ve written this before, but I think the good taste is due to the minerals or possibly the pH. Whatever it is, this water has a good balance of it. An example of bad tasting water would be Dasani.


Member’s Mark Water

members mark water
This is the water that you can purchase if you are a member of Sam’s Club. The brand name is Member’s Mark. The water is good. There is a light pleasant taste at the start and has a clean finish. The ones that I tasted were in these little bottles. I have not tried the larger size bottles, but I am confident that they are the same. As it says on the package, it contains added minerals for flavor.

Icelandic Glacial Water


I was really excited about this water, I bought it at the turnpike rest stop on my way back from DC. The bottle looked so interesting and printed on the label in small red letters it read, pH8.4. I though for sure this must mean that the water had a balanced pH level (whatever that meant) and I became even more excited. On taste,, dreams crashing around me. This water tastes clean, and not dead, but it has no element of taste. I would say this water is not good but also not bad. If you are looking for a better tasting water, try Nestle Pure Life.


Nestle Pure Life Water

I like this water. I think it has good taste and is similar to Deer Park water. It doesn’t have that dead taste that water can sometimes have. Nestle has added minerals for taste. I’m still looking for that great tasting water that Dasani once was, but I have not found it yet. Update: After drinking a lot of this water I’ve increased the rating from 4 to 4.5.

Dasani Water


When this water debuted I said to myself, “this is the only water I’m going to drink.” It tasted so good back then, but it changed. In fact, now I try to avoid this water. Originally, when Dasani was released the taste was amazing. I believe this was due to the amount of minerals that were added for flavor. After some time the taste of this water began to change. It no longer has that wonderful flavor and now has a dead taste similar to what you’ll find in some water coolers. I believe this is because they have reduced the amount of minerals used in this water.