Honest Tea Pomegranate Blue Flavored Herbal Tea

Powerful flavor this beverage has! Sweet smelling and sweet tasting. It’s made from Pomegranate, Grape and Blueberry concentrate, and tastes like a conglomerate of the three. I like that the slight tartness of the Pomegranate comes through. Overall it’s not a bad beverage. It’s strong as I said, there is a ton of flavor happening and, it’s a bit much for me. So, It’s not my “cup of tea” but it’s not a bad drink. It tastes sweeter, but it has 23g of sugar. I think this beverage could appeal to a wider audience that likes a sweet taste.

Sweetener: Cane Sugar

Amount of Sweetener: 23 grams (16.9oz bottle)




Purity organic Pomegranate & Blueberry plus


This is the last time I get tricked! Some drink labels will show the calories per bottle and some will show the calories per serving. I think companies attempt to fool the consumer by posting the per serving amount instead of the full calorie content. This one got me. It says 60 calories on the front label in big letters. Turns out it was per serving. The flavor of this drink was good, but it was too sweet. I tried adding water, but it diluted the flavor too much.

Sweetener: cane sugar

Amount of sweetener: 28grams (16.9oz bottle)


V8 Juice

Ok, ok, my wife could get me this juice for X-mas and I would be happy. Ok, maybe not, but this is a beverage that I love. I find it dangerous to have around the house in large quantities, because I am tempted to drink it until I am sick. It’s tomato juice with added vegetables, and whatever it does to my taste buds is a delight. Somehow this drink hits every flavor receptor I own.

Sweetener: Unknown

Amount of sweetener: 12 grams (12oz bottle)



Minute Maid Lemonade


This is a weird one so hang on. I don’t like this lemonade out of the bottle, but with a change I’ll describe later, I like this beverage very much. The lemonade flavor is good in this beverage, but a 20oz bottle has a whopping 70 grams of sugar. (I had to update my sugar visual graphic for this one.) That’s a total of 18 packets of sugar! To make this drinkable I’ll mix 20% lemonade and 80% ice cold water. It’s refreshing and the mix creates a nice balance of flavor and sweetness. Out of the bottle Minute Maid Lemonade gets a 2 rating, mixed with water it’s a 4 rating.

Sweetener: high fructose corn syrup

Amount of sweetener: 70 grams (20oz bottle)



This beverage gets a rating of 2 out of the bottle.


This beverage gets a rating of 4 mixed with 80% water.