Snapple Sorta Sweet Rooibos Tea

What’s the point of making a good tasting tea, that’s impossible to find. Today I went to two Rite Aids, they were on the same block. One was around the corner, literally┬ájust a few steps away. Why would they put two Rite Aids so close?? I also took a detour and went to a CVS, they didn’t have it either. Last week I went to another Rite Aid and somewhere else that I can’t remember to find a bottle with no luck. This is a good tea. I didn’t think I would like it because of the amount of sugar, 23grams. I thought it would be too sweet, but it wasn’t. It was just right and had a really interesting flavor. Wait! now I remember where I found it, it was in a small convenience store down town UTSAV News.

Update: I also found this tea at a the New Stanton Turnpike rest stop. I bought two bottles. I should have bought three.

Sweetener: Don’t remember

Amount of Sweetener: 23g



Honest Tea Pomegranate Blue Flavored Herbal Tea

Powerful flavor this beverage has! Sweet smelling and sweet tasting. It’s made from Pomegranate, Grape and Blueberry concentrate, and tastes like a conglomerate of the three. I like that the slight tartness of the Pomegranate comes through. Overall it’s not a bad beverage. It’s strong as I said, there is a ton of flavor happening and, it’s a bit much for me. So, It’s not my “cup of tea” but it’s not a bad drink. It tastes sweeter, but it has 23g of sugar. I think this beverage could appeal to a wider audience that┬álikes a sweet taste.

Sweetener: Cane Sugar

Amount of Sweetener: 23 grams (16.9oz bottle)




Honest Tea Moroccan Mint Green Tea

Sometimes I don’t want the caffeine of black tea. Maybe it’s too late in a day or maybe I’ve already had enough caffeine for that day. In these cases I’ll select a green tea. Problem is I keep forgetting which one I liked, or disliked. Recently, I had Honest Tea’s Moroccan Mint Green Tea. I enjoyed it very much and It wasn’t overloaded with the flavor of mint.

Sweetener: Organic Honey

Amount of Sweetener: 8 grams (16oz bottle)



Tazo Organic Iced Black Tea

I was surprised to find this tea. Most of the time the bottled tea I discover has too much sugar. In the past the Tazo tea I’ve tried has been too sweet. This black tea has only has 15grams of sugar, so the flavor is not dominated by sweetness. The flavor is good, it has a mild start and it’s full flavor comes through at the end. Typical of tea’s it has a slight bitterness or bite at the end and I wouldn’t mind more. Quite a nice choice and I was happy to find it.

Sweetener: Cane sugar

Amount of sweetener: 15 grams (13.8oz)



Ito En Golden Oolong Tea

I keep wanting to write a review of this tea, but I keep drinking it before I get a chance to write the review. How’s that? It’s that good! It has a wonderful roasted mild and full flavor. I’m doing this by smell mind you, the bottle is still empty. I’ll update this post once I get another bottle.

Sweetener: none

Amount of sweetener: none (16.9oz bottle)


Ito En Oi Ocha Dark Green Tea

This is the big brother to the Oi Ocha Green Tea, its dark brother, possibly evil, but probably not. I was a bit taken back when first tasting this tea, it was a good bit stronger, and at first I thought it was too much. Now I can’t decide which I like the better the dark or light. Well, it’s a good problem to have I think. Drink and enjoy. Add a couple teasspoons of sugar and shake to sweeten.

Sweetener: none

Amount of Sweetener: none (16.9oz bottle)


Nestea Pure Leaf (unsweetened)

I was at the Original Hot Dog Shop in Oakland and my meal came with a drink. Everything they had was loaded with sugar after a while of deliberating I found and decided on the unsweetened Nestea. It seemed the lesser of all evils. I would barely consider this tea. It was weak and watery, a lobotomized version of a real tea. It has a slight bitterness you find in real tea, but I feel like it was from the added citric acid rather then from the tea itself.

Sweetener: None

Amount of sweetener: none (16.9oz bottle)


Ito En Oi Ocha Green Tea


I love this green tea. It has a roasted full tea leaf flavor with just a bit of savory bitterness you would expect from real cup of tea. I’ve been finding these at Asian markets and specialty stores. This is Japanese green tea, and it tastes like authentically brewed tea rather then something invented in a lab. There is no sugar added and it contains 60mgs of caffeine. I’ll typically sweeten this tea before drinking. Here’s my trick: Drink a few sips, pour in two or three sugar packets then shake till the sugar is fully dissolved. Perfect flavor and sweetness that you can customize.

Sweetener: none

Amount of sweetener: none (16.9oz bottle)


Snapple Peach Passion Fruit Tea

I’ve had this tea in my fridge for two weeks and still have not finished it. This is a lightly sweetened product from Snapple, but to me it tastes like an super sweet chemical laboratory concoction. It also has an aftertaste that resembles artificial sweetener. It isn’t actually that high in sugar, only 18grams, but somehow it tastes overly sweet. Nothing about this drink tastes like tea or natural or good.

Sweetener: sugar

Amount of sweetener: 18grams (16oz bottle)