Buddha’s Herbs St John’s Wort Tea

St Johns wart
This is the first time I’ve tried St John’s Wort Tea. Since I didn’t have anything to compare it to I purchased another St John’s from a local tea shop. This review will compare the differences. When I requested this tea for review I didn’t know that it is more of a medicinal type of tea. The rating system here is based on my particular tastes, and because I misunderstood this type of tea, I’m not going to give it a circle rating. Instead I’ll describe the flavor characteristics. The taste of these teas remind me of Kava Kava. They are very earthy and have a dirt like flavor quality. Between the two, the Buddha’s Herbs brand tasted stronger, more medicinal and had more of a bitter flavor. The other was smoother and didn’t sing any strong notes. I’m not sure this is the tea you’d drink when sitting down to share a cuppa and biscotti with friends. The indication is that it’s for emotional health. To ease tensions and nervous unrest. I don’t feel unrested or nervous in particular, so I can’t speak to that. However, I hope I’ve given you a flavor insight into this dietary supplement tea. This tea can be purchased here.

This tea was provide to me at no charge for my review.

Buddha’s Herbs Organic Chamomile Tea

chamomile tea
I like chamomile tea in the evening or before bed because it does not contain caffeine. Indicated on the packaging, chamomile has been used for centuries as a relaxing and soothing herb that can be used for occasional sleeplessness and minor stomach discomfort. Compared to traditional tea, herbal tea typically has a longer brewing time. Herbal tea’s are more forgiving, as they do not typically get bitter if you get busy and forget your tea sitting on the counter. My wife will attest. The flavor is quite pleasant and has a light flowery tone. Honey pairs well, I put a bit in my cup to sweeten and it was delicious. Get a book, get a blanket and curl up with this chamomile tea. This tea can be purchased here.

This tea was provide to me at no charge for my review.