Health-Ade kombucha Pomegranate

This is a lot easier then trying to eat a pomegranate and it’s bubbly! You don’t need a wooden spoon to beat out the seeds, or soak it in water. The hard work is already done. This is my favorite kombucha of all time. Kombucha’s have a biting sensation when you drink them, they’ll burn your mouth and throat a little bit. It’s similar to the way drinking a Coca-cola feels, the carbonation triggers pain sensors. This kombucha feels smoother and less biting compared to others. The flavor is sweet and perfect. If I had to pick a Health-Ade kombucha as my favorite, this is the winner.

Sweetener: 3 grams of sugar (16oz bottle), most likely naturally occurring and not equivalent to a singe sugar packet

Ito En Golden Oolong Tea

I keep wanting to write a review of this tea, but I keep drinking it before I get a chance to write the review. How’s that? It’s that good! It has a wonderful roasted mild and full flavor. I’m doing this by smell mind you, the bottle is still empty. I’ll update this post once I get another bottle.

Sweetener: none

Amount of sweetener: none (16.9oz bottle)


V8 Juice

Ok, ok, my wife could get me this juice for X-mas and I would be happy. Ok, maybe not, but this is a beverage that I love. I find it dangerous to have around the house in large quantities, because I am tempted to drink it until I am sick. It’s tomato juice with added vegetables, and whatever it does to my taste buds is a delight. Somehow this drink hits every flavor receptor I own.

Sweetener: Unknown

Amount of sweetener: 12 grams (12oz bottle)



Honest Tea Assam Black Tea


This is one of my most favorite beverages. I would be a happy man if I had an ice cold bottle of Assam in my fridge at all times. I especially love drinking this in the morning. This tea has a complex flavor, it’s soo good I’ll drink it a sip at a time to re-experience every aspect of it’s diverse flavor. I’m usually left with an empty bottle. The flavor is crisp, strong, and has a slight bitterness that I love. If you are used to Snapple or Lipton bottled tea’s you may taste this and think there is no sweetener at all, but there is, 10 grams of sugar. Roughly 2.5 packets of sugar.

Sweetener: cane sugar

Amount of sweetener: 10 grams (17oz bottle)