Snapple Sorta Sweet Rooibos Tea

What’s the point of making a good tasting tea, that’s impossible to find. Today I went to two Rite Aids, they were on the same block. One was around the corner, literally just a few steps away. Why would they put two Rite Aids so close?? I also took a detour and went to a CVS, they didn’t have it either. Last week I went to another Rite Aid and somewhere else that I can’t remember to find a bottle with no luck. This is a good tea. I didn’t think I would like it because of the amount of sugar, 23grams. I thought it would be too sweet, but it wasn’t. It was just right and had a really interesting flavor. Wait! now I remember where I found it, it was in a small convenience store down town UTSAV News.

Update: I also found this tea at a the New Stanton Turnpike rest stop. I bought two bottles. I should have bought three.

Sweetener: Don’t remember

Amount of Sweetener: 23g



Honest Tea Moroccan Mint Green Tea

Sometimes I don’t want the caffeine of black tea. Maybe it’s too late in a day or maybe I’ve already had enough caffeine for that day. In these cases I’ll select a green tea. Problem is I keep forgetting which one I liked, or disliked. Recently, I had Honest Tea’s Moroccan Mint Green Tea. I enjoyed it very much and It wasn’t overloaded with the flavor of mint.

Sweetener: Organic Honey

Amount of Sweetener: 8 grams (16oz bottle)



Tazo Organic Iced Black Tea

I was surprised to find this tea. Most of the time the bottled tea I discover has too much sugar. In the past the Tazo tea I’ve tried has been too sweet. This black tea has only has 15grams of sugar, so the flavor is not dominated by sweetness. The flavor is good, it has a mild start and it’s full flavor comes through at the end. Typical of tea’s it has a slight bitterness or bite at the end and I wouldn’t mind more. Quite a nice choice and I was happy to find it.

Sweetener: Cane sugar

Amount of sweetener: 15 grams (13.8oz)



Honest Tea Black Forest Berry

Honest Tea calls this an infusion or tisane. I call it delicious! The Goldilocks of drinks, it has a not too strong, not too weak refreshing berry flavor that’s just right. It has a low amount of sugar and what I think is a perfect flavor to sweetness balance. This is caffeine free beverage.

Sweetener: cane sugar

Amount of sweetener: 16 grams (17oz bottle)


Minute Maid Lemonade


This is a weird one so hang on. I don’t like this lemonade out of the bottle, but with a change I’ll describe later, I like this beverage very much. The lemonade flavor is good in this beverage, but a 20oz bottle has a whopping 70 grams of sugar. (I had to update my sugar visual graphic for this one.) That’s a total of 18 packets of sugar! To make this drinkable I’ll mix 20% lemonade and 80% ice cold water. It’s refreshing and the mix creates a nice balance of flavor and sweetness. Out of the bottle Minute Maid Lemonade gets a 2 rating, mixed with water it’s a 4 rating.

Sweetener: high fructose corn syrup

Amount of sweetener: 70 grams (20oz bottle)



This beverage gets a rating of 2 out of the bottle.


This beverage gets a rating of 4 mixed with 80% water.