Nestea Pure Leaf (unsweetened)

I was at the Original Hot Dog Shop in Oakland and my meal came with a drink. Everything they had was loaded with sugar after a while of deliberating I found and decided on the unsweetened Nestea. It seemed the lesser of all evils. I would barely consider this tea. It was weak and watery, a lobotomized version of a real tea. It has a slight bitterness you find in real tea, but I feel like it was from the added citric acid rather then from the tea itself.

Sweetener: None

Amount of sweetener: none (16.9oz bottle)


Purity organic Pomegranate & Blueberry plus


This is the last time I get tricked! Some drink labels will show the calories per bottle and some will show the calories per serving. I think companies attempt to fool the consumer by posting the per serving amount instead of the full calorie content. This one got me. It says 60 calories on the front label in big letters. Turns out it was per serving. The flavor of this drink was good, but it was too sweet. I tried adding water, but it diluted the flavor too much.

Sweetener: cane sugar

Amount of sweetener: 28grams (16.9oz bottle)


Icelandic Glacial Water


I was really excited about this water, I bought it at the turnpike rest stop on my way back from DC. The bottle looked so interesting and printed on the label in small red letters it read, pH8.4. I though for sure this must mean that the water had a balanced pH level (whatever that meant) and I became even more excited. On taste,, dreams crashing around me. This water tastes clean, and not dead, but it has no element of taste. I would say this water is not good but also not bad. If you are looking for a better tasting water, try Nestle Pure Life.



Pepsi is a solid drink with good flavor. Like Coke, it has a long history. Compared to Coke it’s sweeter and has less bite. Coke has more of an acidic element. I like the taste of Pepsi, but I don’t drink it often. A 20oz bottle contains 66 grams of sugar. That’s about 16.5 teaspoons of sugar. It’s a good pick me up if your blood sugar is low and you need immediate calories, but I rarely consume this beverage, it is too sweet.

Sweetener: high fructose corn syrup

Amount of sweetener: 66 grams (20oz bottle)



Vanilla Coke


This is a classic with a twist, it’s vanilla flavored Coke! The vanilla flavor is pleasant and mellows out the acidic or biting flavor of Coke. I think this is a good tasting drink, but I drink it very sparingly just a few times a year (and not all at once). The 20FL oz bottle contains 70 grams of sugar. That is no joke. It’s about 17.5 teaspoons of sugar.

Sweetener: high fructose corn syrup

Amount of sweetener: 70 grams (20oz bottle)