Mountain Dew Ice

I don’t usually review soft drinks. Most of them have too much sugar and I simply don’t like drinking them. This one caught my eye. I don’t dislike the classic Mountain Dew. I use it as a tool, it’s got a ton of sugar and caffeine. I’ll drink one if I need the immediate sugar and energy. In fact a Mountain Dew saved my life once. I was on a 40 mile bike ride and was starting to bonk. I was feeling desperate, exhausted and horrible at about mile 35. I stumbled into a convenience store hoping to find something to help myself. I felt like Indiana Jones, I knew I had to choose wisely. I didn’t know whether to choose food or a drink. I choose a Mountain Dew. Almost instantly I felt better. So good in fact that I led my group of riders home.

Anyway, this is not bad as far as soft drinks go. I would choose it over the classic simply because it has less sugar. The taste is good. It’s lemon lime, similar to a 7up or Sprite type drink. It scores 3.5, but compared to other soft drinks it gets a 4.0 if I’m grading on a curve. To give you an idea of how slowly I consume this type of drink. I’ve been drinking the same bottle now for 5 days. Also, since everything I like gets canceled or discontinued, I’m positive Mountain Dew Ice won’t catch on.

Sweetener: Sugar, 41grams (20 oz bottle)


Honest Tea Pomegranate Blue Flavored Herbal Tea

Powerful flavor this beverage has! Sweet smelling and sweet tasting. It’s made from Pomegranate, Grape and Blueberry concentrate, and tastes like a conglomerate of the three. I like that the slight tartness of the Pomegranate comes through. Overall it’s not a bad beverage. It’s strong as I said, there is a ton of flavor happening and, it’s a bit much for me. So, It’s not my “cup of tea” but it’s not a bad drink. It tastes sweeter, but it has 23g of sugar. I think this beverage could appeal to a wider audience that┬álikes a sweet taste.

Sweetener: Cane Sugar

Amount of Sweetener: 23 grams (16.9oz bottle)




Member’s Mark Water

members mark water
This is the water that you can purchase if you are a member of Sam’s Club. The brand name is Member’s Mark. The water is good. There is a light pleasant taste at the start and has a clean finish. The ones that I tasted were in these little bottles. I have not tried the larger size bottles, but I am confident that they are the same. As it says on the package, it contains added minerals for flavor.