Evian Natural spring water from the French Alps

Picked this up at a Rite Aid. It was ice cold, great!, but the taste.. the taste… Sooo bad. I’ve been trying to think for days how to describe the taste of this water. The only thing I can think of is “flat”. It’s not a carbonated drink, but it has no flavor. I know water in general doesn’t have flavor, but some does “taste” better then others. I don’t know what gives water the taste, maybe a combination of the pH and minerals, but it’s very hard to describe, as well as review. I thought Dasani was the worst, but I think now it’s Evian. Sorry Evian.


Snapple Peach Passion Fruit Tea

I’ve had this tea in my fridge for two weeks and still have not finished it. This is a lightly sweetened product from Snapple, but to me it tastes like an super sweet chemical laboratory concoction. It also has an aftertaste that resembles artificial sweetener. It isn’t actually that high in sugar, only 18grams, but somehow it tastes overly sweet. Nothing about this drink tastes like tea or natural or good.

Sweetener: sugar

Amount of sweetener: 18grams (16oz bottle)



Minute Maid Lemonade


This is a weird one so hang on. I don’t like this lemonade out of the bottle, but with a change I’ll describe later, I like this beverage very much. The lemonade flavor is good in this beverage, but a 20oz bottle has a whopping 70 grams of sugar. (I had to update my sugar visual graphic for this one.) That’s a total of 18 packets of sugar! To make this drinkable I’ll mix 20% lemonade and 80% ice cold water. It’s refreshing and the mix creates a nice balance of flavor and sweetness. Out of the bottle Minute Maid Lemonade gets a 2 rating, mixed with water it’s a 4 rating.

Sweetener: high fructose corn syrup

Amount of sweetener: 70 grams (20oz bottle)



This beverage gets a rating of 2 out of the bottle.


This beverage gets a rating of 4 mixed with 80% water.

Dasani Water


When this water debuted I said to myself, “this is the only water I’m going to drink.” It tasted so good back then, but it changed. In fact, now I try to avoid this water. Originally, when Dasani was released the taste was amazing. I believe this was due to the amount of minerals that were added for flavor. After some time the taste of this water began to change. It no longer has that wonderful flavor and now has a dead taste similar to what you’ll find in some water coolers. I believe this is because they have reduced the amount of minerals used in this water.