Buddha’s Herbs St John’s Wort Tea

St Johns wart
This is the first time I’ve tried St John’s Wort Tea. Since I didn’t have anything to compare it to I purchased another St John’s from a local tea shop. This review will compare the differences. When I requested this tea for review I didn’t know that it is more of a medicinal type of tea. The rating system here is based on my particular tastes, and because I misunderstood this type of tea, I’m not going to give it a circle rating. Instead I’ll describe the flavor characteristics. The taste of these teas remind me of Kava Kava. They are very earthy and have a dirt like flavor quality. Between the two, the Buddha’s Herbs brand tasted stronger, more medicinal and had more of a bitter flavor. The other was smoother and didn’t sing any strong notes. I’m not sure this is the tea you’d drink when sitting down to share a cuppa and biscotti with friends. The indication is that it’s for emotional health. To ease tensions and nervous unrest. I don’t feel unrested or nervous in particular, so I can’t speak to that. However, I hope I’ve given you a flavor insight into this dietary supplement tea. This tea can be purchased here.

This tea was provide to me at no charge for my review.