Ito En Golden Oolong Tea

I keep wanting to write a review of this tea, but I keep drinking it before I get a chance to write the review. How’s that? It’s that good! It has a wonderful roasted mild and full flavor. I’m doing this by smell mind you, the bottle is still empty. I’ll update this post once I get another bottle.

Sweetener: none

Amount of sweetener: none (16.9oz bottle)


Ito En Oi Ocha Dark Green Tea

This is the big brother to the Oi Ocha Green Tea, its dark brother, possibly evil, but probably not. I was a bit taken back when first tasting this tea, it was a good bit stronger, and at first I thought it was too much. Now I can’t decide which I like the better the dark or light. Well, it’s a good problem to have I think. Drink and enjoy. Add a couple teasspoons of sugar and shake to sweeten.

Sweetener: none

Amount of Sweetener: none (16.9oz bottle)


Nestea Pure Leaf (unsweetened)

I was at the Original Hot Dog Shop in Oakland and my meal came with a drink. Everything they had was loaded with sugar after a while of deliberating I found and decided on the unsweetened Nestea. It seemed the lesser of all evils. I would barely consider this tea. It was weak and watery, a lobotomized version of a real tea. It has a slight bitterness you find in real tea, but I feel like it was from the added citric acid rather then from the tea itself.

Sweetener: None

Amount of sweetener: none (16.9oz bottle)