Snapple Peach Passion Fruit Tea

I’ve had this tea in my fridge for two weeks and still have not finished it. This is a lightly sweetened product from Snapple, but to me it tastes like an super sweet chemical laboratory concoction. It also has an aftertaste that resembles artificial sweetener. It isn’t actually that high in sugar, only 18grams, but somehow it tastes overly sweet. Nothing about this drink tastes like tea or natural or good.

Sweetener: sugar

Amount of sweetener: 18grams (16oz bottle)



Purity organic Pomegranate & Blueberry plus


This is the last time I get tricked! Some drink labels will show the calories per bottle and some will show the calories per serving. I think companies attempt to fool the consumer by posting the per serving amount instead of the full calorie content. This one got me. It says 60 calories on the front label in big letters. Turns out it was per serving. The flavor of this drink was good, but it was too sweet. I tried adding water, but it diluted the flavor too much.

Sweetener: cane sugar

Amount of sweetener: 28grams (16.9oz bottle)


Why review water?

Because I can tell the difference. The best tasting water I’ve ever had was in Vail Colorado, and it was tap water. For months I thought the water in Vail tasted terrible, and I hated drinking it. One day I accidentally left an opened bottle of water in the refrigerator overnight. The next day it tasted amazing. I think the chlorine and/or other chemicals evaporated. It’s not easy to describe how water tastes in general. Maybe it isn’t even a flavor, maybe its minerals interacting with my biology. The taste comes at the end or finish of a sip, it was crisp and weirdly almost dry tasting.

Icelandic Glacial Water


I was really excited about this water, I bought it at the turnpike rest stop on my way back from DC. The bottle looked so interesting and printed on the label in small red letters it read, pH8.4. I though for sure this must mean that the water had a balanced pH level (whatever that meant) and I became even more excited. On taste,, dreams crashing around me. This water tastes clean, and not dead, but it has no element of taste. I would say this water is not good but also not bad. If you are looking for a better tasting water, try Nestle Pure Life.


V8 Juice

Ok, ok, my wife could get me this juice for X-mas and I would be happy. Ok, maybe not, but this is a beverage that I love. I find it dangerous to have around the house in large quantities, because I am tempted to drink it until I am sick. It’s tomato juice with added vegetables, and whatever it does to my taste buds is a delight. Somehow this drink hits every flavor receptor I own.

Sweetener: Unknown

Amount of sweetener: 12 grams (12oz bottle)