Mountain Dew Ice

I don’t usually review soft drinks. Most of them have too much sugar and I simply don’t like drinking them. This one caught my eye. I don’t dislike the classic Mountain Dew. I use it as a tool, it’s got a ton of sugar and caffeine. I’ll drink one if I need the immediate sugar and energy. In fact a Mountain Dew saved my life once. I was on a 40 mile bike ride and was starting to bonk. I was feeling desperate, exhausted and horrible at about mile 35. I stumbled into a convenience store hoping to find something to help myself. I felt like Indiana Jones, I knew I had to choose wisely. I didn’t know whether to choose food or a drink. I choose a Mountain Dew. Almost instantly I felt better. So good in fact that I led my group of riders home.

Anyway, this is not bad as far as soft drinks go. I would choose it over the classic simply because it has less sugar. The taste is good. It’s lemon lime, similar to a 7up or Sprite type drink. It scores 3.5, but compared to other soft drinks it gets a 4.0 if I’m grading on a curve. To give you an idea of how slowly I consume this type of drink. I’ve been drinking the same bottle now for 5 days. Also, since everything I like gets canceled or discontinued, I’m positive Mountain Dew Ice won’t catch on.

Sweetener: Sugar, 41grams (20 oz bottle)


Health-Ade kombucha Pomegranate

This is a lot easier then trying to eat a pomegranate and it’s bubbly! You don’t need a wooden spoon to beat out the seeds, or soak it in water. The hard work is already done. This is my favorite kombucha of all time. Kombucha’s have a biting sensation when you drink them, they’ll burn your mouth and throat a little bit. It’s similar to the way drinking a Coca-cola feels, the carbonation triggers pain sensors. This kombucha feels smoother and less biting compared to others. The flavor is sweet and perfect. If I had to pick a Health-Ade kombucha as my favorite, this is the winner.

Sweetener: 3 grams of sugar (16oz bottle), most likely naturally occurring and not equivalent to a singe sugar packet

Health-Ade kombucha Pink Lady Apple

I keep telling myself a lie to justify buying another bottle of this kombucha. I’ll say, I need to buy this so I can review it. Then I never do. This is about the third time. And finally, the review. Sweet and tart at the same time. Not overly apple’y, or overly sweet. A mild balance of flavor with the fizz you typically get in kombucha. If your new to kombucha, this is a perfect place to start because it’s not overpowering in any aspect.

Sweetener: 3grams of sugar (16oz bottle), most likely naturally occurring and not equivalent to a singe sugar packet


Health-Ade Kombucha Ginger Lemon

It’s tingly! Tingly!, It’s Spicy!! The check out person was a bit rough with my bottle, so it did kinda explode when I opened it. The bagging person must have seen the horror on my face and warned them that they can explode if shaken. The ginger flavor is predominate and strong. Blended perfectly with lemon. It soo good and soo refreshing! The ginger flavor lingers in my mouth. I’ll take this over ginger-ale if my stomach is ever upset.
I always feel like I’m drinking real ingredients with Health-Ade brand. A minor point, but I love the shape of the bottle.

Sweetener: 2grams of sugar (16oz bottle), most likely naturally occurring and not equivalent to a singe sugar packet



Evian Natural spring water from the French Alps

Picked this up at a Rite Aid. It was ice cold, great!, but the taste.. the taste… Sooo bad. I’ve been trying to think for days how to describe the taste of this water. The only thing I can think of is “flat”. It’s not a carbonated drink, but it has no flavor. I know water in general doesn’t have flavor, but some does “taste” better then others. I don’t know what gives water the taste, maybe a combination of the pH and minerals, but it’s very hard to describe, as well as review. I thought Dasani was the worst, but I think now it’s Evian. Sorry Evian.


Buddha’s Herbs St John’s Wort Tea

St Johns wart
This is the first time I’ve tried St John’s Wort Tea. Since I didn’t have anything to compare it to I purchased another St John’s from a local tea shop. This review will compare the differences. When I requested this tea for review I didn’t know that it is more of a medicinal type of tea. The rating system here is based on my particular tastes, and because I misunderstood this type of tea, I’m not going to give it a circle rating. Instead I’ll describe the flavor characteristics. The taste of these teas remind me of Kava Kava. They are very earthy and have a dirt like flavor quality. Between the two, the Buddha’s Herbs brand tasted stronger, more medicinal and had more of a bitter flavor. The other was smoother and didn’t sing any strong notes. I’m not sure this is the tea you’d drink when sitting down to share a cuppa and biscotti with friends. The indication is that it’s for emotional health. To ease tensions and nervous unrest. I don’t feel unrested or nervous in particular, so I can’t speak to that. However, I hope I’ve given you a flavor insight into this dietary supplement tea. This tea can be purchased here.

This tea was provide to me at no charge for my review.

Buddha’s Herbs Organic Chamomile Tea

chamomile tea
I like chamomile tea in the evening or before bed because it does not contain caffeine. Indicated on the packaging, chamomile has been used for centuries as a relaxing and soothing herb that can be used for occasional sleeplessness and minor stomach discomfort. Compared to traditional tea, herbal tea typically has a longer brewing time. Herbal tea’s are more forgiving, as they do not typically get bitter if you get busy and forget your tea sitting on the counter. My wife will attest. The flavor is quite pleasant and has a light flowery tone. Honey pairs well, I put a bit in my cup to sweeten and it was delicious. Get a book, get a blanket and curl up with this chamomile tea. This tea can be purchased here.

This tea was provide to me at no charge for my review.


Snapple Sorta Sweet Rooibos Tea

What’s the point of making a good tasting tea, that’s impossible to find. Today I went to two Rite Aids, they were on the same block. One was around the corner, literally just a few steps away. Why would they put two Rite Aids so close?? I also took a detour and went to a CVS, they didn’t have it either. Last week I went to another Rite Aid and somewhere else that I can’t remember to find a bottle with no luck. This is a good tea. I didn’t think I would like it because of the amount of sugar, 23grams. I thought it would be too sweet, but it wasn’t. It was just right and had a really interesting flavor. Wait! now I remember where I found it, it was in a small convenience store down town UTSAV News.

Update: I also found this tea at a the New Stanton Turnpike rest stop. I bought two bottles. I should have bought three.

Sweetener: Don’t remember

Amount of Sweetener: 23g



Honest Tea Pomegranate Blue Flavored Herbal Tea

Powerful flavor this beverage has! Sweet smelling and sweet tasting. It’s made from Pomegranate, Grape and Blueberry concentrate, and tastes like a conglomerate of the three. I like that the slight tartness of the Pomegranate comes through. Overall it’s not a bad beverage. It’s strong as I said, there is a ton of flavor happening and, it’s a bit much for me. So, It’s not my “cup of tea” but it’s not a bad drink. It tastes sweeter, but it has 23g of sugar. I think this beverage could appeal to a wider audience that likes a sweet taste.

Sweetener: Cane Sugar

Amount of Sweetener: 23 grams (16.9oz bottle)




Aquafina Water

Mostly I had been drinking Nestle Pure Life water. However, while I was in Florida I tried and liked Aquafina water. They are both very good, I don’t know if you call it flavor, because there is no flavor to these waters. But, it has good taste or feel when I drink it. I think I’ve written this before, but I think the good taste is due to the minerals or possibly the pH. Whatever it is, this water has a good balance of it. An example of bad tasting water would be Dasani.